Unlock the Power of Practical Quantum Computing Today

Our customers are building quantum applications for problems as diverse as logistics, portfolio optimization, drug discovery, materials sciences, scheduling, fault detection, traffic congestion, and supply chain management. What problem can we help you solve?  


Business Advantage Delivered Today


Our singular focus is to help customers achieve real value by using quantum computing for practical business applications.  

You may be surprised to learn that our enterprise customers have already built hundreds of quantum applications across many industries. 

The powerful combination of the Advantage™ quantum system and the Leap™ hybrid solver services enable the first in-production quantum applications demonstrating business benefit. 


Quantum Computing Has Moved from the Lab to the Enterprise

Anyone who tells you otherwise is stalling. D-Wave is the only quantum computing company solving real business problems and demonstrating quantum ROI.

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Start Building Quantum Applications Today

We offer a cloud-based, full-stack of systems, software, developer tools, and services to enable enterprises, government agencies, national laboratories, and academic organizations to build real applications using the power of quantum computing.

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